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Don't Miss Our Weekly Meetings on Tuesday and Thursday.
Check the We always expect a good audience in our weekly meetings. A variety of topics are discussed at these meetings and interactive sessions are always welcomed. Please be there and join the rest of us to improve our health care services through multi-disciplinary meetings. Your opinion is valuable to us in these meetings!
Don't Miss Our Weekly Meetings on Tuesday and Thursday.
Tuesday meetings take place in the lecture room at 8am. Thursday meetings also take place in the lecture at 12:30pm.
Al Adan Surgery Emails
Please Note that all members of staff in the Adan Surgical Department should have a specifically assigned email address sponsored by our personal domain.If you don't have an application form, please ask for details with the surgical secretary.
Certificates for our Surgical Workshop
Many thanks to the organisers and participants of the Adan Surgical Workshop! May all participants in the workshop please be informed that your certificates are under progress and they will be handed out to you upon completion. Participants will be informed via email.
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