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Our Out-Patient Department operates 5 days a week. These days are divided between the two surgical units and the Urology team. e have OPD over the whole working days. More details on OPD are available in the Departmental Policy.

There are 3 wards for surgical admissions. Female patients are admitted to ward 15 and male patients are admitted between wards 12 and 14. Urology patients are similarly admitted to ward 14. We are still undergoing further changes in order to provide a new surgical ward for female patients.

The endoscopy suite was established in December 1982 by the surgical department of the hospital, initially providing services to the surgical department only. By 1985, it started to serve the hospital as a whole. By 1995, video endoscopy services and emergency GIT bleeding therapeutic services were established.

Improvements to the endoscopy suite were undergone over the years. This was aided by the cooperation of other GIT centers including the Al Ghanim GIT center and Al Amiri Hospital.

At present, there are 5 consultants and 4 senior registrars from the surgical department who provide endoscopy sessions 4 days a week. Furthermore, 4 trainee registrars in surgery are trained under supervision. Emergency endoscopy services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The  Diabetic Foot Clinic started on 1997 for the treatment and care of diabetic patients with foot infections and ulcerations. We are seeing on average around 20 new cases per week seeking advice and treatment. From our follow up records, we have noticed a great general improvement in the outcome of the care of such patients, and we still aim to improve our care provision to diabetic patients.

At present, the Diabetic Foot Clinic is run by an experienced team of surgeons and nurses. The clinic runs all week for dressing changes, except Friday. On Mondays & Thursdays the diabetic care team surgeon is available to see patients with no appointments required.

The ESWL unit is one of the Urology subunits. In this unit, electromagnetic shockwave lithotripsy is provided to patients with all kinds of genitourianry stones. The unit operates 4 days a week. Both x-ray guided or ultrasound guided lithotripsy are available. The current machine we have is Siemens Lithostar and a new machine is to be installed soon in the unit. The unit is covering all patients from Adan hospital and Ahmadi Hospital at the mean time.
Analgesia is provided to all patients under supervision from the Anaesthesia department and full anaesthesia is available for patients who request it

The Urodynamic unit in Adan hospital provides complete urodynamic studies to the both inpatients and outpatients. The unit has a well equipped urodynamic machine with urodynamic chairs. Cystometry, pressure flow studies, urethral pressure profiles, and uroflowmetry are performed in the urodynamic unit.

A new wireless uroflowmetry machine was recently installed in the unit. The unit works two days a week(tuesday and thursday) for outpatients and daily for inpatients.

The hospital has an ultra-modern operating suite consisting of eight rooms utilized by the various departments. Four of these operating rooms are used daily by our department  for open surgical, minimal invasive and urological procedures. One operating room is utilized for emergency surgery on a 24 hour basis. There are two additional operating theaters in casualty/emergency department which are devoted on a 24 hour basis for minor surgical procedures, ambulatory surgery and emergency trauma patients. Each operating room has its own anaesthesia room and advanced anaesthesia equipment with monitoring facilities, modern operating lights and latest available theater equipment. High resolution cameras and monitors are available for minimal invasive surgeries.

There is availability for intra-operative imaging and endoscopic systems for specific surgical procedures and facilities for recording of operative procedures. This is also supported by well equipped recovery rooms for post operative patients with advanced monitoring equipment available for immediate postoperative care.

The opearting suite is linked to the conference room and lecture theater/Auditorium of the hospital by an integrated system with facilities for conducting live audio-visual presentations/ video conferncing and discussion. 

Our department is planning along with the Ministry of Health to upgrade our current operating suite to a state of the art image integrated OR system which will have integration of multiple new technologies. Upgrading of these operating rooms are an example of our commitment to increasing the range and safety of minimally invasive and open operative procedures for our patients.

The obesity clinic is held once every week reviewing a range of patients with problems in weight control and management. The clinic offers patients a range of weight management plans, starting from simple dietary plans and regular dietician reviews to surgical intervention in the form of sleeve gastrectomies and gastric bypasses.

This specialized clinic was established in 1999, caring for the majority of anorectal problems, where diagnosis and treatment is provided by senior surgeons. We always aim to provide the highest level of health care to our patients, and we are constatntly renewing our equipment. We come across a variety of anorectal complaints at the clinic and management is with the latest technology to provide the best level of post operative recovery.

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